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It's really quite simple. Nothing is more important to you than your health and the health of those you love. As an independent brokerage firm we represent all the insurance companies that offer health insurance in the state of California. Understanding that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that all coverage’s are based on each insured’s age and home zip code, our quoting system will quote all plans available in California base on your demographics.

We are often asked if there is a benefit to an individual and/or family to go directly to the insurance companies to apply for health insurance coverage? The fact is, all insurance companies have to file their rates with the California Department of Insurance and those rates are exactly the same if you go directly to the insurance company or work through a insurance broker. As Brokers, we at The Benefit Center offer all the insurance companies on one platform to save you valuable time. In addition, we make it easy to enroll through our quote and apply link below.

Financial security for your family is one of the most challenging discussions you may face. At The Benefit Center we offer solutions to help protect you and your families financial future by using Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long Term Care insurance to meet your critical needs.

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We shop the full market of leading Insurance Companies to tailor a benefit package that meets your needs.